HANSEN Energy Solutions LLC

Houston, TX, USA - Stavanger, Norway

An employee owned company


Innovative wellbore and subsea solutions

HANSEN Energy Solutions LLC is the solutions provider meeting your challenges through innovation and creativity.


Developing solutions, with our clients

We often partner with clients (like for example E&P and service companies), where we develop solutions based on needs that are required to improve their business. The personnel within these companies are the ones that know best what is needed, and having a lot of great experience and creativity, combining this with our own innovative approaches, we are very often able to come up with solutions meeting the objectives. And more! What if it Works

Share with us your “wish list”, “challenge list”, and similar, and lets find solutions together. Solutions not bound to what we have in our own “catalog”, but what we have available in the “world wide catalog”.

We have several new technologies and solutions, where we are open to licensing rights to manufacture, deliver and operate. See our What If It Works page.


Statoil and BECH Wellbore Flow Control AS (a HANSEN Energy affiliate) cooperate to develop the BECH AFD (autonomous flow control device, also referred to as a self adjusting “ICD”. More info here

Please explore our website and contact us at innovate@hansenenergy.biz

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