What if it Works™

WHAT IF IT WORKS™ is our philosophy and the way we think, rethink, and think again. We believe in creativity and innovation based on experience and curiosity, and our wish to think that it may work instead of that it may not!

What do you think?


The Great ideas are not as common as they used to be, but the times of great ideas are not over - They are just more difficult to find. And equally difficult to take into use.

The professional and good people are not getting fewer. They are just more difficult to find. The best people want to work across of disciplines and environment. That is more challenging and inspiring.

Creativity and innovation, sharing of experience and knowledge, teamwork, performance and integrity are qualities of these persons search for new, smarter and more efficient solutions. The best solutions do not arrive from the well known, but from the unknown.

Intellectual Property

Patents are good and bad for all of us. It can protect the inventor and the typically high costs she/he invests into the new idea, but it may also prevent progress for the industry you are in. Many companies, typically larger companies, often just sit on patents that they have no intention of bringing into the market, without being open to sound licensing agreements. We believe licenses should be spread out as wide as possible, unless you have the means, patience and stubbornness to materialize the ideas into living and good businesses.

The following patent applications has been filed by us since the establishment of our company:

  1. BulletDownhole safety valve bypass system, enabling retrofitting gas lift, downhole pumps (e.g. cable or CT deployed ESP systems), reservoir monitoring systems, etc., into offshore wells without having to pull the completion first.

  2. BulletCompletion frac valve for multistage stimulation operations preventing sand/proppants flow-back and introducing ICD capabilities as well as more efficient water unloading. Primary market is the “unconventional resources” market.

  3. BulletExtreme expansion zonal isolation method.

  4. BulletMulti cycle open/close downhole barrier valve.

  5. BulletDownhole electrical pump for gas well dewatering.

  6. BulletDownhole pumping solution for onshore horizontal wellbore applications.

  7. BulletUnderwater oil leakage collector system.

  8. BulletCutting tool for wellbore intervention semi stiff carbon rods, wire and cable.

  9. BulletDownhole gas operated pump for gas well dewatering, as well as onshore oil well production.

  10. BulletDownhole electrohydraulic coupler, enabling wireline replacement of e.g. downhole pump (ESP) systems.

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