A collector solution for underwater plumes

BP underwater oil blowout, Gulf of Mexico, May 2010: Giant underwater plumes (oil and oil polluted seawater) detected at various depths in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is our duty and responsibility to minimize damages from this before it is too late!

Which “plumes” are we talking about here? See this link, where the “clouds” of oil and chemicals suspended below the surface of the sea can be seen. And these now exist from the surface to the seabed...


As a result of the oil spill caused by the underwater blowout from the BP well in Gulf of Mexico, very large volumes of oil mixed with seawater have created plumes at various depths and locations underwater. These plumes are reported to be “up to 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick in places”.

A leading marine scientist directly involved in the ongoing marine investigations confirmed May 21, 2010: “We know the plumes exist (the hydrographic data is solid and beyond question)”.

HANSEN Energy Solutions LLC believes that a substantial amount of the pollution can be retrieved to surface, followed by separation of the oil from the seawater, if rapid actions are taken.

System description

An underwater suction tool with a submersible pump incorporated is towed at depth of plumes. The suction tool has inlet ports along the entire length of the tool, with varying choke sizes, (in order to equalize inflow for maximum intake of oil, which is one of the very important efficiency enablers of this solution!).

The underwater suction system is based on well proven artificial lift technologies as used in deep boreholes, and it can quickly be assembled and mobilized.

Note: Method is patent pending.


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