A collector solution for underwater fluid leaks

A technology and innovative method that will prevent substantial environmental damages caused by underwater oil leakages (oil spill)

Leakages occur from drilling, production and transportation of oil and
gas. These can be caused by a well blow-out, hardware failure, corrosion, or impact caused by dropped objects, for example.

Oil and polluted seawater extractor for underwater plumes

Towed between two vessels for underwater clean-up.

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Damages for cleanup exceed millions of dollars and the impact on marine life is impossible to measure.

Oil leakage from sunken tanker

HANSEN Energy Solutions has patented a method that can be utilized to collect the leakage until repairs have been done, and the leaked fluids can be safely transported  to a vessel for handling, disposal or sold.

This “SeaAid” system can also be used to collect leaking fluids from submerged wrecks, or provide additional environmental protection during emptying operations. In cases of extreme
corrosion, where tapping equipment cannot be safely secured, the system can be mounted above the vessel and controlled removal/destruction of hull components can be performed. The released oil would then migrate into the collector and pumped to surface. Our solution provide a method for old wrecks to be safely emptied without fear of hull collapse causing uncontrolled oil release to the environment.

Amount of oil taken to surface will be minimized due to the natural separation process that will take place within the SeaAid oil collector.

The solution can be used of minor leakages as well as major continuous leakages where a pump system will be coupled to the SeaAid unit for transport of the oil to a suitable surface vessel.

Seafloor cleanup

The collector also forms the basis for an ideal method for cleaning up sea floor contamination, like drill cuttings, heavy oil, chemicals, etc., where larger areas can be “vacuumed” quickly.

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