Houston, March 22, 2010
Cooperation established with the reservoir and production experts Model Energy

HANSEN Energy Solutions is happy to announce the establishment of a cooperation agreement with Model Energy, a reservoir and production engineering consulting company. Arash Ajayi, President and CEO of Model Ener
gy, has an exceptional reputation in the petroleum industry for his knowledge and experience in intelligent well technology, reservoir simulation and software development, and reservoir and production management.

Arash has spent more than 17 years in the oil and gas industry and was Country Manager Nigeria for WellDynamics/Halliburton. He holds an MS degree from Texas A & M University in Petroleum Engineering. He has co-authore
d a number of SPE papers and lectured on reservoir engineering and advanced completion solutions.

His expertise in reservoir and production engineering with a particular focus on the benefits of implementation of ICV (inflow control valves) and ICD (inflow control devices) makes Model Energy an ideal partner for HANSEN Energy Solutions.

In order to improve the lift, drainage, and injection efficie

To purchase these and other SPE papers by Arash, go to

ncy of oil and gas reservoirs, it is crucial to understand the reservoir and fluid flow dynamics. Such understanding, combined with our innovative approaches to technology and methods will create the solutions providing best and unique products for our clients.

We look forward to working with Arash and Model Energy.

See also the Model Energy web site

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