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Henning Hansen


Tel. +34 636 278 618, +1 281 882 3941 or +47 9079 9741. Skype: henning.hansenenergy

Henning is an experienced entrepreneur, inventor and integrator with more than 25 patents in wellbore and wellhead technologies and methods and subsea technologies and interventions.

He started his oil field career in 1978 with Baker in Norway working internationally performing wireline, well testing, running well completions, including downhole surface readout and memory gauges.

After 7 years, he left to start his first company. Below are some highlights around the various companies Henning has co-founded, where his creativity and innovations were critical for the build-up:

Lasalle Pressure Data established 1985 in Norway which ultimately became the basis for Roxar’s permanent downhole gauge business Seawell’s wireline/slickline business.
Lasalle developed the first downhole permanent gauge systems used offshore Norway, and several of the technologies and methods created are now industry standard; tube encased downhole cables, cross coupling cable protectors, electrical subsea wellhead couplers, etc.

In 1987, Lasalle (then named IPR Services) established the company Exal IPR in Aberdeen, which was the foundation for Baker’s permanent reservoir monitoring section that came from Expro.

SubTech (Subsurface Technology AS), founded in 1992, was later sold to Weatherford and became the basis for Weatherford’s “intelligent” completions systems business unit, as well as the permanent downhole gauge business unit in EP Solutions.

In 2003, Shell Technology Ventures solicited his help to work with Sensornet, a London based company in which they had invested.  The company was grown from a two-man R&D team to the international technology and service company that is today part of Tendeka.

Seabed Rig

At the same time, he founded CITCO Spain SL and co-founded companies Well Technology AS, Gizmo Subsea AS, Optipump AS, and Seabed Rig AS (based on Henning´s patent) in Norway.

In 2006, Henning co-founded Ziebel, which consists of 2 business units:

Ziebel’s ZipLog well intervention, invented by Henning Hansen

ZipLog™ (Z-system), a wellbore intervention method based on pushing a semi stiff and spoolable carbon rod into live wellbores for logging purposes and MagLev (Zi-Lift), a new downhole electrical pump for artificial lift applications. Both are based on Henning’s patents and ideas.

Henning is engaged by RPSEA (USA) as a technical evaluator on R&D project proposals for the Unconventional Resources program (Shale oil & gas), well completions, well intervention & wellbore stimulation.

“Please, always use your seatbelt”

Cindy Conroy


Tel. +1 713 701 5973 and +34 628 163 927. Skype: cindy.hansenenergy

Cindy has over 25 years of experience in business development and

generating rapid and sustained economic growth for companies.

Her commitment to customer focus has afforded her success in generating rapid and sustained economic growth for a number of companies.

Through assessing customer needs, investigating and defining market opportunities, and evaluating current products and services, she has crafted solutions to meet the specific challenges presented.

This has often required bringing together members from several companies to work collaboratively in order to reach customer goals. Innovation and creativity play a critical role, and bringing those individuals to the team has been imperative.

Integrating people, products, and services with agility has enabled Cindy to provide the best solutions for her customers.

Along with input from many in the industry, Henning has also created a website, Active Completions, outlining the history of downhole permanent monitoring from the beginning through its evolution and role in what is referred to as “intelligent completions”.

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A video Henning got made to promote SubTech when it became Weatherford, to illustrate creativity. Sound volume up if you’re going to watch it ;-)

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